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Jack and Frieda

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"It has been well over five years since you and I spoke of getting myself off meds for seizures while I was attending FCCF in Wauwautosa, and I felt that the Lord was guiding my hand, but I took your advice, and went through my doctor. I am since still episode free of any seizures for five years and I give God the Father all the praise and all the glory. Back then, I was in serious financial problems, but put my health and financial well-being in his hands. I now own three motorcycles, three houses, three vehicles, and have been blessed with a new Christian wife and open faith in his wonder and his grace. I am a trusting Christian, who has put it all in his hands... Thank you for the guidance. God bless you and your family. "     ~W.B.



"I wanted to let you know that because of your book 40 days of Faith, Jack, God has me on a journey of going through your book in 40 days, but then carrying on this challenge to other areas of my life. Your ministry and books have blessed me tremendously."   ~Annonymous


"We were in a Jack Coe, Jr. meeting in another pastor's church and the Lord dealt with me to stand up and give $1000 to his overseas mission trip.  Bro. Coe wasn't even receiving an offering then, he was just telling about his upcoming trip and what it would cost.  I looked at my checkbook and I only had $ I reasoned it out in my mind that God would understand...I stood to my feet and when he acknowledged me, I told him "the Lord" wanted me to give him $250 for his trip.  Everyone was happy and praised God, but I sat down and was miserable.  I knew...and God there was only one thing I could do.  I stood up again, this time with knees trembling, "Yes, sister?"  I had to tell that man, all the people there, and our family members who had come with us that God didn't tell me to give him $250.  "Ok," he said.  I told him that the Lord had told me to give him $1000, but I only had $250 right then.  I gave that ane promised to give the rest before he left on the trip...And God provided and I had it all in a month ahead of time. That was the easiest pledge to pay!  And it would've been even easier if I had instantly obeyed!"  R.D.R.



"My name is E.M., You know my parents Jason and Terry Meechan, pastors of Kona Faith Center in Kona Hawaii. I have fond memories of you ministering there many years ago. I wanted to be sure since your book and the Holy Spirit have inspired me to begin this journey that you'd be the first I told about it. Thank you for your obedience to the glorious call of God on your life and the many lives that have been changed through your ministry. If you'd like I invite you to the page I just set up so you can follow, what it is that God is speaking to me each day as I go through 40 Days of Faith. God bless!"   ~E.M.


"Rev. Jack Coe, Jr. thank you for accepting my friend request. We will never forget how God manifested His Glory when you conducted Revival Services at our church during August 2004. God blessed you to minister the Word of God and with the Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit. As you ministered to our beloved mother one night you told her that the devil had tried to kill both she and our father who were the founders of our ministry. Also, you, through the Gifts of the Spirit told her that Jeffrey, my brother, and I, Jeremiah, were the Joshuas of the ministry. I remember that as I stood nearby while you ministered to her. Mother later testified that the Revival was an uplift to her. It was what she needed. Unbeknownst to us, mother would make her transition to Glory on August 23, 2005 almost a year to the date God used you in the Word of Knowledge and the Gift of Prophecy. I am looking forward to seeing you again in St. Louis. My God continue to bless your prolific ministry."  Pastor J.G.


"I first met Brother Jack in the early 1980's in Oxford AL. A mutual friend worked in some of his tent meetings and knowing about his dad's legacy I wanted to be in his meeting to see for myself about the salvations and move of God. I was not disappointed." Thanks M.P.


"Jack Coe is an anointed powerful man of God! He hears from The Lord and listens to what he tells him. There is not to many great preachers of the Word like him anymore! There are a few that I respect as much! We should all follow a man of God like him! Keep up the great work that you do for Jesus! We love you and look forward to seeing you again in Duluth, MN again!" –J.C.



"This man is anointed and knows how to hear from God..the Lord touched me with his mighty resurrection power through this man…never felt nothing like it since. Oh God to feel that again!" –B.S.


"My tumor on my left breast was gone after tonight's healing service! Thank you Lord! " T.R.


"Three years ago you came and spoke a word to me concerning a new house. That evening we had the contract! In January we will be in the house four years.  Tonight you spoke life into and through my son. I am thanking God in advance for the manifestation. God Bless You."  S.S.


"Dear Jack, Thank you so much for your recent ministry in Maine.  I saw you a couple of times in Bucksport at Pastor Laurie Halls church.  Sunday AM you spoke over me that "God is healing your whole body." Little did you know that I was in pain ineveral places in my body...primarily my back and right shoulder.  Later that night you had Pastor Darren Farmer give a testimony about a girl who had had back pain for 11 years and was healed.  I was so encouraged and your words regarding my healing were reinforced.  You see, I had had back pain every day for 4 years and have been praying for relief.  I have had several words regarding healing spoken over me and many times hands laid on me in prayer but still no relief (also abotu 4 months ago I injured my right shoulder and had been experiencing pain every day there too.)  I remember Pastor Darren said the girl went to bed with no pain but it tried to come back on her the next morning and she rebuked it and it has been gone ever since. Well, that Sunday night was the first time in 4 years that I went to bed without pain as well.  And yes, it tried to come back the next day and I had to rebuke left.  I was pain free for several days and although my shoulder is still completely pain free, the pain has come back in my back in spite of praise, rebuke, etc.  It took me a few days to proclaim my healing as I was still in "shock and awe"...instead of faith; but now I am really feeling pressed to put it in writing as the enemy is still trying to steal it from me.  I just wanted to give this testimony and proclaim victory over infirmity in spite of symptoms. Thank you for your wonderful instruction on "Praise" and thank you for your ministry in little 'ol Homes of Revival Worship in Bucksport Maine!" J.W.


"Praise God, you are carrying on in  your father's (Father's) footsteps.  Approximately 56 years ago, my mother conrresponded with a minister named, Jack Coe.  I was six, almost seven.  In fact, I spent my seventh birthday in the hospital.  I was shot in the leg, at close range wth a 410 shot gun.  The doctors told my mother I would probably lose my leg and if they were able to save it, I would limp the rest of my life.  I thank God that He used Bro. Coe and his healing cloths to help heal my let.  It was saved and I never limped a day in my life.  I do have an artificial bone in my leg but I had my leg x-rayed for different reasons about ten years ago.  The doctor said if I had an artificial  bone in my leg, he couldn't tell it, it evidently had knitted itself with my natural bone. I just wanted to give my testimony and thank you if you are the "Jack Coe" or related to the Jack Coe that let God use him to help heal my leg.  May God continue to bless your ministry."  E.A.