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Become a Partner

Dear Family and Friends,


Jack and Frieda would like to invite you to become a partner in this ministry. When you chose to partner with JCIM, you are making a profound difference every day of the year in the lives of hurting and lost people.  When you give to this ministry, we see that your gift reaps a bountiful harvest in souls for the Kingdom. One of these programs that Jack is very grateful to have a part in is the “training of Colombian Nationals” to carry the Gospel and build churches in many parts of South America.


Jack Coe Ministries is preparing for new outreaches in the future.  An on-going program of producing Gospel literature is going to be stepped up as funds are provided. Thanks to inovations in technology, a major breakthrough with another global ministry is being planned for the very near future.  Be sure Jack has information on how to reach you either by U.S. Mail or by computer e-mails or both.  Great and wonderful things are happening and being planned. 



Jack & Frieda                     

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