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Our Mission Statement  


JACK COE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES is called to win the lost, and to teach Christians world-wide who they are in Christ Jesus…and how to live a victorious life – with all their covenant rights and privileges.  This takes place when we are rooted and   grounded in God’s Word…and then reach out to others with these same principles.


We are called to lead people to the place where they can operate proficiently in the Biblical principles of faith, love, healing, prosperity, redemption and righteousness, and to the place they can share these principles with others.


We are called to assist believers in becoming rooted and grounded in the Word of God by teaching them to give God’s Word first place in their lives.  (Colossians 1:23, Psalm 112)


We are called to reveal the mysteries, the victorious revelations of God’s Word…that have been hidden from the ages.  (Colossians 1:25-28.)


We are called to build an army of mature believers, bringing them from milk to meat, from religion to reality.  We are called to train them to become skillful in the Word of righteousness, to stand firm in the spiritual warfare against the kingdom of darkness.  (Hebrews 5:12, Ephesians 6:10-18)


We are called to proclaim that “the Lordship of Jesus Christ” on a world-wide scale through church meetings, crusades, literature, music CDs, books, and other media as the Lord provides.



Jack Coe Jr. 



Jack Coe, Jr. was born August 26, 1944, in Fort Worth, Texas.  The oldest of six children, Jack was especially close to his father, who was one of the most prominent radio and television evangelists in the 1940’s and early 50’s.  Jack Coe, Sr. was widely known for having some of the greatest revivals of that era, including crusades conducted underneath the world’s largest gospel tent.  His campaigns were noted for the miraculous with hundreds being healed of various sicknesses and infirmities.

When Jack, Jr. was just twelve years of age, he saw his father pass away from an illness linked directly to extreme exhaustion.  At that young age, it was hard for Jack to understand why God took his father.  For many years, he struggled with his Christian Faith.

However, after graduating from Oak Cliff Christian Academy, the high school founded by his father, Jack enrolled at Southwestern Bible College in 1962, where he attended for three years.  It was there that he met his future wife, Frieda.  They were married on November 23, 1963.


From 1961 to 1965, Jack worked with several nationally known ministries and assisted his mother with a children’s home for orphans and wayward youngsters.  In 1969, he launched out into his own evangelistic ministry, only to encounter the inevitable comparisons to his father.  Of course, holding his father in such high esteem, Jack felt that he could never measure up to that standard.  As a result, he experienced many doubts about his own gifts and calling.  For the next twelve years, he was in and out of the ministry, always struggling and praying to establish his own identity in Christ.  During this time of inner turmoil, Jack and Frieda were divorced.  They remained separated from each other for eight years.  However the prayers of their twin children, Jack, III and Jacqueline (Jill), prevailed.  Jack and Frieda were remarried in 1979.


In 1983, Jack left the ministry entirely to go into business for himself.  He enjoyed great success.  Seemingly enough, the lure of wealth and the cares of the business world took their toll, drawing him completely away from an active Christian lifestyle.

In 1986, Jack was diagnosed with cancer.  Doctors gave him just six to eight months to live.  The cancer had spread through his liver and kidneys.  Jack began to seek the lord afresh, praying in earnest for direction for his own life and for his family.  On Father’s Day of that same year, while lying in a hospital bed, Jack felt the Lord speak to his heart.  God showed him that if he would return to his original commitment to help evangelize the world, He would heal him completely.  Immediately, he surrendered to the Lordship of Christ and felt the healing power of God go through his weakened body.


Just a short time later, Jack was released from the hospital. Doctors marveled at his speedy recovery and renewed strength.  Six months later, after a thorough checkup, he was given a clean bill of health.  However, this lengthy stay at the hospital left Jack and Frieda broke, so they borrowed $100.00 and a car and once again started to evangelize.  Since that time, Jack has been faithful to keep his promise to God, preaching in churches, auditoriums, and tent crusades.  Miracles have occurred in his services, with many cancer patients being healed after hearing Jack’s testimony and receiving prayer.  Broken marriages have also been restored as a result of the Coe’s story.

Our Vision

Jack and Frieda share the same vision:  “To see more miraculous demonstrations of God’s power as evident as that of the healing movement of the 1950’s and 60’s, to encourage the saints to move into a deeper realm of intercessory prayer; and to be used of God in these last days to evangelize foreign nations.”  Completely happy in their calling, and realizing God’s blessings upon their ministry, the Coe’s are determined to spend the rest of their lives spreading the good news of the gospel of Christ.


There is a growing demand for Jack’s testimony and ministry, as his life now closely parallels his father’s.  He has been on numerous television programs, including PTL in Montgomery, Alabama and the Trinity Broadcast Network.  In addition, interest in the Coe family has been renewed to the fact that Christendom has rediscovered an appreciation for the forerunners of our faith, which includes Jack Coe, Sr.

Jack travels to many countries.  He has had outstanding crusades in Africa, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia S.A., Germany, Ukraine and Norway.  In these countries there have been miracles including deaf ears and blind eyes being opened, people leaving their wheelchairs behind and thousands of first time salvations.  Jack anticipates seeing much more of God’s power manifest throughout the world.


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